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Red, White, Two-Tone Grey Cartoon House Made of Arrow-Capped Lines



I began my career as a computer designer in Adobe Flash as an aspiring animator. I eventually taught myself coding languages like Actionscript, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. I've completed numerous personal projects to advance my knowledge with web design aswell as many freelance projects for different people requiring small websites for their businesses or families. You can see some of my work by following the links below.





Personal project

ROX CHOX Web Graphic Design


Freelance web design


Petals on Paper

Freelance web design


Portfolio and Blog of Christian Lavery

Portfolio and Blog of Christian Lavery
Freelance Web Design

When my friend, Christian, told me he needed a website that would elegantly host the media of his portfolio, I helped him out. Christian is able to maintain all of his site's content himself using a backend interface known as Wordpress. This includes videos, photo albums, curriculum vitae, blog posts, and contact information.

Original Designs - Pre-Wordpress - Final

Fishsticks Magazine

Fishsticks Magazine
School Project

This is a website that I created for an art magazine we were making in our class. I set up a submission system that would have submitted art automatically be displayed on the website. I made that system with PHP and MySQL. Unfortunately, this site is no longer in use.

Fishsticks Magazine

Donna Larner Lavery's Website
Freelance Web Design

The opening animation is the part of this project which I am most proud of.

Publicity Cunt

Publicity Bunt
Blog site/personal project

A blog style website created for a videographer. The site has a plain, clean appearance with just enough spark and allure to present a pleasing personality


Teacherme.net, Studentme.net
School/personal project

Work on this site began in January 2011 after realizing my teachers' increased awareness about the power of using the Internet in their teaching. I came up with the idea before I had ever heard of an LMS or 'Learning Management System', which is what this site is.

The main idea with Teacherme.net is to allow teachers to post school information and resources - such as assignments, references, discussion questions, agendas, etc. - online and in an organized fashion that can be easily accessible for students via the sister-site, Studentme.net

One thing that makes this strapping duo stand out: A system that allows teachers to estimate the time that would need to be spent on each assignment. Students, upon handing in work online, would be able to privately and honestly report the amount of time that they actually spent. This would allow teachers to look at each student's profile individually and be informed with how much homework time is expected from that student by a total of all their classes on a day-to-day basis. Teachers would be able to collaborate on their scheduling of homework to allow students the maximum time for each assignment.


Old Portforlio Site

Old Portfolio Site
Personal project

This is my old portfolio website. I created it with Adobe Flash. Flash is a wonderful medium for easily creating visually unique and interactive websites. Alas, maintaining constant updates to a Flash site becomes a tedious practice. That's why I condemned the site and began work on this new one.




A sideways picture of a boy laying against a newspaper stand, dressed casually in a brown coat and blue jeans, but with a cigarrette in his mouth.


A pretty girl in a white dress enjoying herself and a glass bottle of Coca-Cola at a scenic picnic.

Coke Commercial Contest

A group of teens riding bikes on a summer's day. They are on their way to go rock climing.

Nature Valley Commercial
5th Place Winner in Contest




Green Party Flyer

Green Party Boulder County
Introduction Flyer in BW and Color, T-Shirt Design, Donation Form Design, PSD's available

AHEM Magazine Front Cover

AHEM Magazine
School Project

10 Minute Edit

10 Minute Edit

Home Grown Hot Sauce Logo

Home Grown Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce Label


Ravenna Homes Logo

Ravenna Homes
Business Card

Thaisty (Thai Iced Tea)

Iced Tea Label

Skateboard Graphic

My Cruiser
Skateboard Graphic

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